T1 reach 14-game winning streak after defeating KT Rolster, matching own 2015 record

T1 fans might have a Déjà vu moment.

Photo via Riot Games/ Flickr

T1 won in today’s Telecom war rematch against KT Rolster with a clean 2-0 scoreline. The victory brought T1 to 14 consecutive wins without dropping a single series in the LCK, matching the current record set in 2015 by T1 (at the time playing under the SK Telecom T1 name).

Historically, SK Telecom T1 (T1 after its rebrand) has been one of the most decorated League of Legends esports organizations, with three World Championships, two Mid-Season Invitationals, and several LCK splits in their trophy cabinet. Much like SK Telecom T1’s record-setting 2015 run—in which they won Worlds, became finalists for the MSI and the LCK Spring Split, and won the LCK Summer Split—Faker is still playing a fundamental role in the mid lane in the team’s 2022 campaign.

T1 prevailed in today’s matchup, but KT put up a fight. At the start of the first match, KT caught their opponents in the jungle to take a favorable fight to start the match with a slight advantage. T1 played their lane strongly and built a significant lead to secure objectives and towers. Both teams relied heavily on skirmishes coming to the midgame and traded kills. KT took the teamfight before the third dragon, and they snowballed their lead to secure the Baron buff. T1 nullified their advantage by ensuring solid teamfights to come back into the match and take some picks in the late game. Having a numbers advantage and long death cooldown on the opponents, T1 seized the opportunity to end game one.

KT started the next match with an advantage when they secured the first blood on Zeus. They showcased excellent synergy and coordination to win fights on T1 frequently. KT seemed to have the answer to all of T1’s engage attempts and appeared ready for aggression if necessary. However, T1 weren’t too far behind, trading kills and gaining dragons to stay in the match.

In a teamfight in the jungle at 28 minutes, KT tried to choke T1, who were on the wrong side of the map. They failed to take out the opponents, though, and T1 won the teamfight with their superior precision on the macros and skills. The teamfight gave T1 some momentum and the squad looked different after the skirmish, reading and punishing every play KT tried to make. Aiming’s Kai’Sa mistakenly jumped into the enemy backline at 33 minutes, but T1 punished the play and won the teamfight later to give themselves an open window to close out the series with a clean 2-0.

With this match, LCK Spring Split 2022 week seven comes to an end. Fans can watch the next game between DRX and Nongshim RedForce on March 9, 2022.

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