T1 emerge victorious in Telecom War after coaching changes in 2021 LCK Summer Split

T1 won the series convincingly even after the latest turmoil within the team.

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T1 beat down KT Rolster in the latest Telecom War in a quick 2-0 series in the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

Just a couple of hours before the match, T1 confirmed that it fired their coaches in an unexpected decision. Going into the match, the team also brought Oner onboard instead of Cuzz in the jungle position. The rookie looked unstoppable today, securing both MVP votes after his performances on Diana. He finished the series with a KDA of 11/0/14 after two dominant games.

In the first game of the series, T1 looked unstoppable after a series of early game plays. They won most skirmishes and quickly snowballed the match out of control. Oner was very proactive with his plays, moving around the map and forcing fights instead of playing more reactively like Cuzz. He enabled other T1 members really well in the first match, which allowed them to finish it in 24 minutes.

Following the success from the first game, T1 picked up similar champions such as Diana, Ryze, and Varus and went to dominate once again. Oner led the way once more, and his early game aggression allowed T1 to win the second match quickly and close out the series convincingly.

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T1 (6-5) will return on the Rift later this week against DWG KIA (7-3) on Saturday, July 17. While T1 has been experimenting with various roster swaps and seem to lack synergy, DK looked in sync in their latest series and unbeatable. DK most likely will take the upcoming series unless T1 pulls off a miracle.

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