Sylas uses quick reflexes to save ally from doom with stolen Urgot ultimate

His quick reaction saved his teammate.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player on Sylas used the master’s tactics against the master in a clip shared earlier today.

While sieging the opponent’s base and preparing to finish the match, the Unshackled champion stole Urgot’s ultimate in preparation to end the game with style.

After taking down the inhibitor, he noticed that his ally Riven was targeted by Urgot’s ultimate and was being dragged to her death. With quick reflexes, the Sylas player threw his stolen Fear beyond Death into the Urgot, resulting in a train wagon of hooks between the three champions.

As Urgot died while casting his ultimate, Sylas saved his ally’s life. While the play is quite impressive, even more impressive is that the game didn’t crash or bug as Sylas is notorious for doing when using stolen ultimates.

Sylas’ Hijack (R) was the main reason behind why the champion was disabled multiple times in the competitive scene. Problems like crashing games, or bugs where the Sylas player could no longer use his ultimate, making him a hard champion to balance.

While the issue has been fixed and Sylas is once again playable in the competitive scene, the latest release of Viego, another champion that can use others’ abilities, is causing issues once again. The Ruined King has not seen competitive play since his release in January earlier this year.

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