Sylas is set to receive buffs in the new year

Here we go again.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ hunky chain-wielding mid laner has seen better days.

To combat Sylas’ irrelevance in solo queue, Riot is planning to buff him in the early stages of 2020 with Patch 10.1.

Sylas had moments in the spotlight, especially in a competitive environment. At one point, he was constantly contested and acted as a powerful tool for team fights. But in solo queue, he hasn’t been quite as successful.

In his current form, he’s hit rock bottom and has a measly 45-percent win rate in both the jungle and mid lane positions. His weak laning phase and his overall lack of damage mean he can be easily abused. In the late game, he has potential with his game-changing ultimate, but he rarely has the opportunity to use it.

The problem with Sylas is that he’s naturally difficult to balance. He sways from being underpowered to overpowered and back again, and Riot can never seem to compromise.

This time, Riot is focusing on his passive ability and nerfing his Kingslayer (W) ever-so-slightly, to try and put him in more of a balanced state.

Petricite Burst’s (Passive) primary target AP ratio is set to be increased from 20 to 25 percent, allowing him to chunk down his enemies and perform better in both the early and late game.

Screengrab via Surrender at 20

To combat and try to counterbalance the buff, the mana cost on Kingslayer is being increased from 45/45/50/55/60 to 70/80/90/100/110. This means Sylas players will have to be wary when engaging and keep note of their mana in extended team fight situations.

Screengrab via Surrender at 20

Overall, the changes should be a nice boost for Sylas, giving him the damage he needs to burst down his opponents.

The upcoming changes are tentative and may well change in time for the new year, however.