Suning lose close series against EDG in LPL Summer Split

This is Suning's third consecutive loss.

Photo via Riot Games

After two tough matchups against Invictus Gaming and the defending LPL champions JDG, Suning had a chance to get a win against EDward Gaming earlier today in week two of the Summer Split. But the League of Legends team lost the series 2-1, picking up their third straight loss.

Both teams are used to a similar style of playing around map objectives as one. They demonstrated it perfectly in the first game with several fights started around the Baron pit. Each team that started the fight ended up losing it, which ultimately led to EDG’s victory in the first match.

Suning showed good performances in the early game but lost control after ending the laning phase. The game they won came after they punished key mistakes from EDG.

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The massive strength of Aphelios was also displayed once again in this match. Several fights were turned around by both AD carries on the champion. He was instrumental in SN’s victory during the second match, but his damage wasn’t enough for huanfeng to grab the victory in the last game of the series.

Despite Suning showing good early-game play and proactivity by getting several crucial map objectives, EDG proved to be the better team when it came to fights and rotations, even though they subbed in jungler Jiejie, who’s only played once with the team since the start of the Summer Split.

EDG will have to prepare for their next matchup against Invictus Gaming on Sunday, June 21. Considering they lost their last match 2-0 in the Spring Split, EDG will likely want to turn this around this time.