Suning clinch first place in Group A at Worlds 2020 after holding off G2 Esports in thrilling tiebreaker

The Group A finale could go down as an instant classic.

Photo via Riot Games

A little over an hour after beating G2 Esports in convincing fashion to force a tiebreaker for the first seed in Group A at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, the LPL’s third seed, Suning, went back to the Rift and won a decisive tiebreaker game against Europe’s top team.

Suning closed out their group stage performance by defeating the LEC champions in back-to-back contests today, securing first place in Group A in the process.

After both teams finished the normally scheduled round of games with identical records of 4-2, G2 and Suning were forced into a one-game tiebreak situation. Earlier in the day, Suning defeated G2 in just 23 minutes, forcing the tiebreaker after the shortest game of the 2020 World Championship. 

But the winner-take-all contest to determine first place in the group was a much more competitive affair. The final game of Group A lasted nearly 44 minutes, making it the second-longest game of the entire group stage thus far. 

It looked like Suning had the game in the bag early on. But after G2 mounted a comeback on the heels of Perkz and his record-setting Senna play, the difference between the two teams became so incredibly slim that one teamfight could have swung the outcome of the contest entirely. With six items on every champion across the board, any lead that Suning had mounted no longer mattered. 

The game slipped out of control entirely when G2 was caught out of position by a flank from Suning’s top laner, Bin, who used Gangplank’s high burst damage to wipe the European favorites off the map in the blink of an eye. Within moments, any hope of a G2 comeback had been erased. 

This result secures Suning a top seed moving into the quarterfinals of the World Championship. As for G2, the LEC’s top team will be forced to wait out the remainder of the group stage to see which top seed they’ll face in the knockout round next week.

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