This Summoner’s Rift wedding cake is pretty impressive

Are you hungry for some League of Legends?

Image via Riot Games

If one of your friends is a League of Legends fanatic and they’re about to get married, what kind of wedding cake do you think they’d prefer? Would they go for a traditional cake stacked high, complete with a miniature bride and groom? Or do you think they’d choose an edible replica of Summoner’s Rift?

A League subreddit user answered this question by posting a picture of an incredible Summoner’s Rift wedding cake.

“A member of our league sqaud [sic] got married today, and naturally the cake had to be Summoners Rift,” Reddit u/danb0318 said. “It turns out even a Viegar main can find a wife.”

The cake has two tiny bases (one purple, one blue), half a dozen towers, a jungle, and the cutest Baron imaginable. It might not be as harsh looking as the real Summoner’s Rift, but it has a ton of personality.

There are a few elements missing on this map, but we imagine it would’ve been difficult to fit everything on the cake. There should be a few more towers and the lanes could use an improvement or two. And in an ideal world, there would be a dragon pit and a couple of jungle camps. But it’s still an impressive cake and there’s no doubt it’d be a smash hit at any League fans’ wedding.