Streamer goes wild after smashing enemies with Illaoi’s tentacles

This time, it ends in only one way: they run and she breaks them.

Image via Riot Games

A streamer taught her League of Legends opponents a harsh lesson by smashing them with Illaoi’s tentacles.

A Twitch clip shows Korean streamer zzamtiger0310 taking down several enemies with the Kraken Priestess’ abilities—and shouting and mimicking Illaoi’s tentacles after finishing them off.

The clip begins with a 3v2 fight, which quickly turned into an even trickier situation for the Korean streamer. During a teamfight, she found herself alone and with low health among the enemies, but the Kraken Priestess and her summoner showed them a harsh lesson.

Thanks to a smart combo with Illaoi’s Test of Spirit (E) and Leap of Faith (R), the streamer took down her first opponent while they were running away, leaving both squads on equal footing. Her only teammate in the fight was shut down, but not before taking another opponent.

The streamer fought against two more opponents, but she still tried to clutch despite the disadvantage. By staying close to Illaoi’s tentacles, the summoner smashed her toughest opponent to the ground, leaving only the squishy enemy ADC. 

The battle was down to a 1v1, and there was still one opponent standing. The Truth Bearer fell to 17 HP, and the enemy jungler approached the battle. The Priestess came out on top after exchanging blows, thanks to Goredrinker’s health regeneration and lifesteal. After all, as Illaoi says, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

With the last enemy defeated by a Tentacle Smash (Q), the streamer let out several shouts of joy and amazement at the mindblowing play she just pulled off. Still pumping with adrenaline, she continued to shout the champion’s name even after returning to the top lane to farm after pulling off a highlight-worthy play.

One day maybe League players will learn to fight Illaoi… “or they will die.” 

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