The splash artwork for Mafia Braum and Mecha Aurelion Sol are really frickin cool

Poro gangsters, anyone?

Image via Riot Games

Riot teased the release of several new skins last week, and among that massive list of teasers were Mafia Braum and Mecha Aurelion Sol. Shortly after the teaser, they were loaded onto the PBE, but the splash art for both didn’t follow suit until yesterday.

To put it simply, if you loved seeing these skins in-game through Riot’s teasers, you’re going to love the splash art even more. They’re just really cool. That’s all. We’re big fans.

Mafia Braum

Image via Riot Games

Mecha Aurelion Sol

Image via Riot Games

Mafia Braum is our personal favorite. When he was teased last week we assumed his splash art would throw him together with some of the game’s other Mafia members, like Miss Fortune, but nope. Instead, he has his own little band of gangster Poros, and that’s honestly so much better than we could have hoped for.

Although it is strange to consider someone who regularly says, “The heart is the strongest muscle!” a villain, this Braum skin is perfect. And, of course, his mustache rocks. It always does.

Mecha Aurelion Sol’s splash art kicks ass, too. From the looks of it, he’s turned into some gigantic Decepticon-like machine, and he’s locked in combat with a bunch of fighter jets. Sure, he could probably flick his wrist and bump them all out of the sky, but the fight seems like a pretty dramatic one in the artwork. That sounds like it could make for a good movie. Maybe we could get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? He’d probably make a good Aurelion Sol in a movie.

Both of these skins are scheduled for release with Patch 8.16 next week.