Someone figured out how to gain instant Tenacity using Hexflash and the proper runes in League

The future is now.

Image via Riot Games

There aren’t many uses for the Hexflash Contraption in League of Legends. The rune allows you to basically surprise enemies from unwarded bushes and fog of war with a chargeable Flash, but if they’re good at warding, you’ll be able to use it properly less and less.

One League player on Reddit may have found another use for the rune, however. They found out that if you tap the Hexflash key, barely starting the animation, that’s enough to trigger the Unflinching rune, giving you an instant stack of Tenacity to reduce incoming crowd control. It’s not exactly the Alistar animation cancel mid-combo using Recall, but it’s still a pretty good tip. In fact, the discoverer of this strategy says it’s pretty good for reducing Morgana’s snare “by a few hours,” so now you may be able to break out of the snare before the game kicks you for being AFK.

There’s only one tiny problem with this strategy that renders it almost totally useless, even though it’s actually a pretty darn good idea. In order to get both Unflinching and Hexflash, you need to run Inspiration and Resolve runes, which very few champions in the game can afford to do.

Most tanks, supports, and whoever else won’t run Inspiration with Resolve so they can still get mana from Sorcery or stacking Tenacity from Precision. And no damage dealers will run both, because they’ll severely hamstring their own damage in the process. Not being able to take Precision, Domination, or Sorcery in either the primary or secondary rune path would be brutal for any damage dealer.

So sure, it’s a solid idea, and we’re surprised it hasn’t been brought up before. But will anyone use it? Probably not, at least not very often. It’s unfortunate, but thems the breaks, kid.