SofM leads Suning to a dominant victory over LNG Esports in seventh week of 2021 LPL Summer Split

The team bounced back after a devastating upset by Rogue Warriors last week.

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Suning bounced back after an upset last week by Rogue Warriors, taking down LNG Esports in a dominant 2-1 series in the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

Going into this League of Legends series, it was unclear who would come out on top since both teams looked dominant recently. Even though LNG lost a couple of series after a strong start of the split, they still look like one of the best teams LPL has to offer. Suning on the other hand had a weak start but has ramped up their performance and look stronger than ever, ready to take down other LPL behemoths to secure their LPL champion title.

The MVP votes for today’s series went to the top side of Suning, Bin and SofM. Both players had a strong showing with the top laner picking up his MVP vote after a monstrous Camille performance, where he finished with a KDA of 8/1/2 after picking up kills left and right. SofM picked up his vote after a non-traditional Kha’Zix build, rushing Edge of Night, before going for other Legendary items and ignoring Mythics. He helped his teammates poke down the opposing team, before jumping in to finish targets. He also managed to secure the crucial Infernal Dragon Soul in the last match, which sealed their opponent’s fate.

Today’s series was close, with both teams trading blow for blow in every match. After being demolished by a champion, teams would ban it for the next game to avoid repeating the same situation. In the first game of the series, Bin on Camille was the star, securing a couple of kills during the laning phase and taking over the game with the powerful top laner. In the second match, Tarzan from LNG stepped up and demolished Suning with Xin Zhao, equalizing the series.

The last match was the closest in today’s series with both teams failing to acquire a significant gold lead for most of the match. The match was decided at the Infernal Dragon Soul, where both teams went with three dragons under their belt. Even though LNG had the upper edge at the start of the teamfight, a crucial steal by SofM sealed their fate and helped Suning secure this series win.

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Suning (7-5) climbed to sixth place with this victory and is sitting at a comfortable spot in the battle for the playoffs. They’ll be back on the Rift with a crucial match against FunPlus Phoenix on Friday, July 23. The team led by Doinb in the mid-lane has been very dominant throughout the split and will pose a huge challenge for Suning to take down.

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