Skarner-Ekko Ultimate Spellbook combination is still highly sought after

The Crystal Vanguard who shattered time is back in League’s client.

Spell Book game mode is back on League of Legends’ client, and players are still hoping to get Skarner’s ultimate while using Ekko—or vice versa.

A Reddit user said they had been trying to get the Ekko-Skarner combo ult “for days” on the Ultimate Spellbook, a League limited-time game mode. For League players, this is not the first time playing Ultimate Spellbook, as it was first introduced in July 2021. And it’s not the first time that a player tried to get this deadly ultimate ability combination. 

This pairing of ultimates is one of the most fun to try in Ultimate Spellbook and also one of the most lethal. On one hand, we have Skarner’s “Impale,” with which players can suppress and drag an enemy champion around freely. On the other hand, “Chronobreak,” Ekko’s ultimate, returns the player to “whenever he was a few seconds ago,” making possible an instant transportation from one end of the map to the other.

Besides the obvious damage and high chance to literally drag an enemy among their opponents, this combination is sought after because of a specific move that leads to an instant kill of every champion, every time. 

But for this combination to happen, League players need to have Teleport as their summoner spell and to locate a single target near an item on which they could teleport. Then, within four seconds, the player would have to teleport from their fountain to the enemy, “Impale” them, and use “Chronobreak” to return back to their base. If successful, this would make a great chance to receive honors after the game. But if the timing of the combination is wrong, the unlucky player would see Ekko’s after-image near the site of teleportation, resulting in a poor execution of the action. 

Both ultimates are still very useful throughout the game, even without using the powerful combo. Ekko’s ult not only deals damage to the enemy near the after-image but also heals the champion for a percentage of their health, making the perfect solution to a tricky assassination attempt. Skarner’s ult, instead, deals damage both when the enemy champion is impaled, and when he’s released from the crystal prison. 

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