SK Gaming down two carries after Jesiz announces free agency

The League of Legends offseason roster turmoil continues as SK Gaming is now without a mid laner

Photo via Riot Games/Flickr

The League of Legends offseason roster turmoil continues as SK Gaming is now without a mid laner.

Jesse “Jes1z” Le revealed his free agent status with a succinct tweet showing that he’s looking for a new team.

I am happy to announce, that I am now a free agent. Feel free to contact me via DM or Skype 🙂

— Jesse Le (@Jesizlol) October 23, 2014

SK Gaming now has two holes in their roster. Le joins the team’s former marksman Adrian “CandyPanda” Wübbelmann on the free agent market. Wübbelmann, a member of SK Gaming since 2012 and its longest tenured member by far, revealed his status four days ago. His departure signals a complete changing of the guard for one of League of Legends’ oldest franchise.

The top prospect to replace Le appears to be part of the organization already. Hampus “watdefox” Myhre, mid laner of the now-disbanded SK Gaming Prime, terrorized the challenger scene over the course of the year. The Prime team placed second in the Challenger Series playoffs in large part due to Myhre’s wizardry.

Recently Myhre has been duo queueing with SK Gaming jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, signalling that he’s a prospect for the now-vacated mid lane role. Whether he’s the frontrunner remains another question—a different in-organization option may be the road to take.

The offseason rumors surrounding SK Gaming coach Nicolaj “incarnati0n” Jensen continue to whirl. The banned player is still considered one of the top talents in the Western scene, and pressure on Riot to lift the lifetime ban levied against him continues to increase. SK Gaming is the team that retained his services despite his questionable status, so it’s logical they’d have an inroad to potentially recruiting the player. But Jensen is so talented he will have many suitors.

One of them is potentially wherever Fnatic marksman Martin “Rekkles” Larsson ends up. Larsson is seemingly destined for Alliance, but he has a friendship with Jensen and is rumored to have considered making a team with him should his ban be lifted. SK Gaming now has a mid lane and marksman position open—could the pair potentially don the SK blue and white? That seems like a pipe dream at this point, but it’s one of the possibilities in an ocean of them.

The only thing for sure now is that three of Europe’s top talents, Simon “Fredy122” Payne, Christoph “nRated” Seitz, and Johnsen need a mid laner and marksman to join them. SK Gaming should be one of the hottest destinations for potential free agents in Europe this offseason.