DWG KIA’s ShowMaker hits top 2 spots in Korean solo queue during LCK offseason

The 2020 world champion has been working hard in his spare time.

Photo via Riot Games

With the eyes of competitive League of Legends fans focusing on the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational over the past month—which was won yesterday by the LPL’s Royal Never Give Up—other pro players, who didn’t quality, have been hard at work. A prime example is DWG KIA’s ShowMaker, who recently hit the first and second ranks on the Korean solo queue ladder.

The 21-year-old has two accounts on the ladder—MIDKING and DK ShowMaker. And, at the time of writing, the former is sitting in the first place with 1,614 LP, while the latter is just slightly behind with 1,576 LP, according to OP.GG.

It should come as no surprise that ShowMaker has claimed both spots playing similar champions. On both accounts, he has prioritized Ahri and Vex this season. Currently, he has 100 games played on the Nine-Tailed Fox on both accounts and 52 on the Gloomist. A small discrepancy shows when you look at the champions he played fewer times. On MIDKING, he regularly picks LeBlanc and Sylas, for example, while on the second account, he often locks in Zoe and Yone.

All in all, his solo queue statistics are incredible this season. On MIDKING he has a 63 percent win ratio, with 205 matches won and just 118 lost. And on DK ShowMaker, he boasts a 59 percent win ratio, with 227 wins and 156 losses.

ShowMaker dominated in 2020 and 2021 in Korea, having won three splits domestically since the 2020 LCK Summer Split. In 2020, DWG KIA also won the World Championship for the first time. But in 2021, the team fell short to the LPL’s EDward Gaming in the finals.

This season, however, has been underwhelming for DWG KIA, who have since opted to change their roster in preparation for the upcoming Summer Split. In April, the team signed Nuguri, who previously played with the team in 2020.


Mateusz Miter
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