Seraphine has the most disliked Champion Spotlight video in League history

Going gold might be a problem.

Image via Riot Games

Seraphine’s League of Legends debut isn’t quite the chart-topping hit Riot Games envisioned for its newest mage.

Her official Spotlight video is hovering around more than 61,000 dislikes, giving it a negative ratio compared to her 39,000 likes at time of writing. In the Korean version of the video, she’s even more proportionally detested, with less than 1,000 likes compared to more than 9,000 dislikes.

Pre-rework Yorick comes in a distant second, amassing 10,000 dislikes on his old Spotlight video. Gangplank’s old Spotlight video, which has been unlisted, clocks in at around 9,300 dislikes. But still, both champions have managed to maintain a positive like-to-dislike ratio at slightly over 50 percent.

While the old Yorick was loathed due to his perceived boring nature before morphing into a near-unbeatable top laner and splitpusher, Seraphine’s criticisms are mostly related to the dissonant image she projects.

Summoner’s Rift is home to all manners of men, machines, and monsters, but some fans feel like Riot put K/DA first and Runeterra second when it comes to the Piltover-born popstar. Criticism has been directed to her far-too-futuristic hoverboard, her skill set’s similarities to Sona, and her uncharacteristically cruel lore relating to Brackerns.

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Riot has at least started to plan some changes to her based on the negative feedback. Her Runeterran lore relating to her usage of a Hex Crystal in her performances “will be fixed,” according to Riot’s co-founder Mark “Tryndamere” Merrill.

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