Sentinels of Light collection arrives in Riot’s merch store

Featuring the Ruined King on a smaller scale.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The Sentinels of Light are just starting to get their hands full with Viego’s forces and the imminent Ruination in Runeterra. And now, you can bring part of that experience into the real world.

Riot Games has released a new collection of merch in its store, this time featuring League of Legends’ Sentinels of Light—the champions fighting to keep the darkness from swallowing the world whole. All of the new and returning items in the store are now available to be purchased via the official website, though they’ll likely be limited to this event alone.

Image via Riot Games

This collection features posters of each of the Sentinels of Light in their base skins and their new Sentinel skins, as well as other themed items tied to the champions that this event revolves around. 

Viego joins the ever-growing collection of League statues in the “Unlocked” collection, featuring the Ruined King in all of his edgy glory. Gwen also joins the lineup in her doll form but without the giant pair of scissors to keep her company.

The Sentinels of Light collection also marks the first time that Riot has ventured into selling individual keycaps for keyboards. For $65 each, you can purchase a Sentinels of Light or Ruination-themed artisan keycap from the Riot merch store, made in collaboration with Clackeys.

Whether you want to support the Sentinels of Light on the front lines or assist from afar, this merch collection will have you ready to show your support and forever remember the time that the Ruination shrouded Runeterra.

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