When does League of Legends’ competitive season 7 end?

Let's look at how long you have got to get out of Bronze.

Image via Riot Games

Competitive League of Legends players have been hitting Summoner’s Rift since December 2016 after Riot’s surprise early announcement, when season seven officially began. From the time of the announcement, players have just under one year to get out of Bronze and challenge the ladder to make their competitive presence known.

Riot has announced that season seven ends on Nov. 7, giving players a few months to climb the rankings.

As with other seasons, players will earn rewards depending on which division they make it to by the end of the season.

The higher the player’s rank, the more rewards they will earn. All players will receive a summoner icon to reflect their rank for that season. Gold ranked players and higher will get the Victorious Graves skin. Players at the top end of Challenger will receive the same rewards as the divisions below them, but also have a chance to win physical rewards, depending on where they end up. This year’s Challenger rewards have not been confirmed yet.

With only one more month to go, be sure to do your best on your way to the top. Hit the Rift, and see how far you can go.