Scuttle Crab saves League of Legends player from certain death

What are the chances?

Rift Scuttler changes
Image via Riot Games

It’s not always a player’s team that can save them from certain death in League of Legends.

In this case, it was the perfect timing of the humble Scuttle Crab. In a clip shared on Reddit, a player using Brand decided to give chase to a Blitzcrank who proceeded to draw him further into the river.

While the pair were on similar health, the tables turned fast when Blitzcrank dropped ignite on Brand, then evading the Burning Vengeance’s offense and landing a combination of his own.

At this point, it looked like certain death for Brand. His life was spared, however, when Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab supposed-finishing blow was intercepted by a poor Scuttle Crab, who spawned perfectly between the two champions. The creature tanked the damage, allowing enough time for Brand to escape.

Moments like these rarely take place, but they seem to be more common during the mayhem that is All for One. The limited-time game mode allows teams to select a single champion that all teammates use for the duration of the match.

Currently, there is no end date for this mode. As it was introduced as part of the Space Groove event, it’s likely that both will end at the same time.

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