Samira player turns seemingly impossible 1-vs-5 into pentakill after enemy team mistimes all of their skill shots

A good amount of luck, and a little bit of 200 years went into this pentakill.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, it’s important to learn the timers for specific items and systems in League of Legends. One unfortunate team found this out the hard way recently when they were aced by an enemy Samira due to them not knowing the revive timer for Guardian Angel.

In a 30-minute game with 76 kills, a teamfight win is usually the sign that a match is coming to an end with death timers reaching up to 52 seconds. In this specific clip, the red team had just lost three players, with Samira next on the chopping block for the opposing blue team. She was also the most-fed person in the game with 22 of her team’s 39 takedowns.

As the rest of the blue team descended on Samira, her Guardian Angel activated, which takes four seconds to revive a player from death. All five blue team players crowded around her to try and pick up her bounty, but much to the dismay of each member, they botched the execution.

The blue team had Ezreal ultimate, Vel’Koz’s E knock-up, Pyke’s ultimate ability, and Irelia’s E stun all thrown at Samira. But they were all a second too early. As a result, Samira was able to come out of stasis untouched, pop her Inferno Trigger ultimate, and kill everyone around her with ease. It also helped that she was incredibly fed and had plenty of damage, healing, and mobility to destroy her enemies.

The question mark pings rained down from Samira’s teammates as they went on to win the game right afterward. It just goes to show that some League players still need to learn the basic timings of specific abilities and items because it could mean the difference between seeing the victory screen and the cold feeling of defeat.

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