Rumble, Morgana, and Udyr have highest pick-ban percentage in MSI 2021 group stage

Say hello to the hottest new champions in the jungle.

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Throughout the 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, we’ve witnessed a handful of new champions enter the competitive meta with authority. Two of those champions are Rumble and Morgana, who have skyrocketed up the priority charts for most pro teams due to their deadliness in the jungle position. In fact, they have the highest pick-ban percentages at the tournament right now.

After the group stage, Rumble is sporting an impressive 97.3 percent pick-ban rate, according to Leaguepedia. The Mechanized Menace is tearing up the scene with the new changes made to his kit, giving him great clear speeds, damage, and a 50 percent attack speed buff to his Overheat. But it’s clear that some teams and players still haven’t locked down how to play with him yet since he only has a 46.7 percent win rate over 15 games played.

Morgana has also jumped up in importance for many teams and now has a 91.9 percent pick-ban rate. The buffs she received to her W ability, Tormented Shadow, gave her an increased clear speed to make her an efficient jungler that can help affect side lanes early and often. Teams have seen a higher success rate with her at the tournament, too. She has a 72.7 percent win rate over 11 games.

Udyr, on the other hand, is a champion that many fans of professional League are familiar with by now. Across the world, the Spirit Walker was one of the most played jungle champions during the end of the 2021 Spring Split due to his clear speed, innate tankiness, and easy ganking ability. Although he received some nerfs last month, his relatively straightforward style of play has kept him in the meta at MSI with an 89.2 percent pick-ban rate. He also has a 68.8 percent win rate over 16 games, which shows how comfortable some of these players are on the champion.

Looking down the list of pick-ban percentages, it’s populated by familiar champions like Gnar, Kai’Sa, and Renekton. Each of these champs have been integrated into pro play for a while now and are still powerful comfort picks for many players across the world. But one champion that fans should look out for is Lee Sin. He has 12 games played at the tournament so far and has an 81.1 percent pick-ban rate. The Blind Monk has seen a resurgence in play time, especially in the top lane.

You can watch to see if these same champions dominate the draft when the rumble stage of MSI 2021 begins on Friday, May 14.

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