Royal Never Give Up upset Edward Gaming in close 2-1 series in LPL 2022 Spring Split

The MSI champions reign supreme over the world champions.

Photo via Riot Games

With two weeks remaining in the 2022 LPL Spring Split, teams are closing the distance to climb up the ladder, and Royal Never Give Up seem to be on the way up. They beat Edward Gaming in a 2-1 matchup for the 2022 LPL Spring Split today, giving them a strong end to week seven and an edge to secure a playoffs spot in the tournament.

EDG and RNG both came into today’s match with the same statline of 8-3, and RNG secured the victory to move one step closer towards the playoffs. In the final rounds of the tournament, every win counts towards each team’s morale, confidence, and standings.

EDG secured the last-pick Sylas in the drafts to catch the opponents by surprise, and both teams secured one dragon each with some early skirmishes. Around 17 minutes, Jiejie’s Hecarim went deep into the enemy jungle to kill the enemy Alistar, but RNG quickly turned the teamfight. They killed four members of EDG and gained a substantial lead in the game. RNG translated this lead to securing objectives in the match and constantly put the pressure on EDG to make an effort to come back in the game. All their attempts were in vain, however. RNG kept winning teamfights and made a dominating statement in game one to put their opponents on the ropes for the next match.

EDG came out swinging in the next match, but RNG matched their aggression. From the early game to the mid game, both teams actively traded kills. However, RNG were always one step ahead in terms of dragons, and they secured three dragons compared to only one from their opponents. EDG got a favorable teamfight near Baron, making their adversaries overstep, and secured some much-needed kills to get the edge in the match. Even though they lost the Baron, the next teamfight near the Dragon Soul decided the game. EDG wrapped RNG and took the victory for themselves, putting the series to a tiebreaker.

The last match saw RNG press the gas pedal and take the match away from their opponents by securing early kills. EDG held firm, but they lost some crucial teamfights in the early game. Knowing their lead, RNG took teamfights near the objectives like the Rift Herald and got even more kills to solidify their position in the match. EDG couldn’t win any teamfights after that lead, and their opponents started taking Baron and dragons to gain the Hextech Soul and end the match, nearly unstoppable.

The LPL Spring Split week seven continues tomorrow with Victory 5 taking on Ultra Prime.

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