ROX Tigers upset world champions KSV Esports

KSV have fallen from first place.

Screengrab via SPOTV

ROX Tigers handed KSV Esports its second loss of the season in one of the more unexpected upsets in the league thus far, knocking the world champions out of first place.

In KSV’s loss to Kongdoo Monster in week two of the LCK Spring Split, many pointed to the absence of veteran jungler Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong as the reason the World Champions lost. This caveat, like when KINGZONE DragonX lost their first match of the season without star top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, gave KSV an excuse for their loss to Kongdoo. But after today’s loss to ROX, KSV had no such excuse to fall back on.

KSV started this series with Ambition in the jungle. Although Ambition facilitated an early bot lane lead for KSV, it was ROX who played out their respective team composition best.

ROX mid laner Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon’s pinpoint accuracy with Zoe’s paddle star and sleepy trouble bubble created countless picks for his team. And against the major forms of crowd control from ROX’s Shen, Gnar, and Jarvan IV KSV were unable to escape once caught. Lava’s multiple picks ultimately led to a snowball for ROX that KSV simply couldn’t overcome.

Game two saw the arrival of KSV’s second jungler, Kang “Haru” Min-seung, nd with the addition of Haru came a slight resurgence from KSV. After they fell victim to it in game one, KSV decided to play Zoe themselves to great success. ROX, who tried to play a similar pick composition with the now nerfed Malzahar, weren’t able to match KSV.

On his beloved Rengar in game three, Haru was on a timer to create a lead with the assassin class jungler. Unfortunately for Haru an early death, coupled with ROX’s great map movement led by support Kim “Key” Han-gi, stopped him from starting a snowball for KSV.

Unable to acquire any leads, Haru’s Rengar became more and more worthless in teamfights as the game progressed. If Haru ever tried to jump someone on ROX, Key would instantly save his teammate with Tahm Kench’s devour ability. ROX used KSV’s inability to teamfight, with the help of Baron, to fast push their way to a victory.

With KSV’s loss to ROX, the two teams left at the top of the LCK standings are KT Rolster and KINGZONE DragonX—two teams set to face off tomorrow. Tomorrow’s match will, for the first time this this split, will determine which team will claim sole possession of first place.