ROX Tigers unveil new League roster

Three players from the Afreeca Freecs team will now be competing with ROX.

Image via Riot Games | Remix by Saira Mueller

ROX Tigers has unveiled its new roster, roughly a month before the upcoming League Champions Korea season kicks off.

The new roster sees three former Afreeca Freecs players join the team—top laner Heo “Lindarang” Man-heung, mid laner Son “Mickey” Young-min, and AD carry Gwon “Sangyoon” Sang-yun. They will play alongside CJ Entus’ former franchise top laner Park “Shy” Sang-myeon and support Kim “Key” Han-gi.

Despite 2016 being the most successful year in the ROX Tigers’ history, which included the team winning its first-ever season of League Champions Korea, the Korean roster went its separate ways after being eliminated from the 2016 League World Championship in the semifinals by eventual winner SK Telecom T1.

Its fair to say that no other team has a bigger task in front of it heading into 2017. With all of its stars gone, it’s now up to this mix of veterans and rookies to live up to the reputation ROX Tigers built for itself in 2016.