Rookie returns to Invictus Gaming’s starting lineup ahead of Rift Rivals 2019

The superstar mid laner was placed on IG's inactive list on June 13.

IG beats PVB
Photo via Riot Games

Superstar mid laner Song “Rookie” Eui-jin will be returning to Invictus Gaming’s starting roster ahead of the upcoming Rift Rivals tournament in South Korea.

Rookie has been inactive for IG since June 13 due to an undisclosed health issue with one of his family members. As a result, Deng “Forge” Jie had to step in to take Rookie’s place for weeks three, four, and five of the LPL. The team won three of the four matches they played with their new mid laner.

Rookie will be returning and looking to defend the LPL’s honor against the LMS-VCS and LCK at Rift Rivals 2019. The best teams from the East will do battle on Summoner’s Rift in order to determine the superior League of Legends region.

Recently, Europe took down North America in that version of the tournament held in Los Angeles. Now, Rookie will look to find his groove and help IG, JD Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, and Top Esports win the event for China.

Rookie has been having a decent season, even though he’s only played eight games during the 2019 Summer Split. He still is ninth in assists among LPL mid laners, despite playing about four fewer games than the other Chinese starting mids. He should have an immediate impact on how IG plays their games moving forward.