Rogue finish sixth in 2020 LEC Spring Split after devastating loss to S04

Odoamne's Jax took over the game.

Photo via Riot Games

Rogue have secured sixth place for the 2020 LEC Spring Split playoff contention after losing four games in a row in the past two weeks. Schalke 04 ended their opponents’ chances today to have a higher standing in the European League of Legends split.

S04’s Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu played formidably today on the Jax counter-pick against Finn Wiestål’s Irelia. Finn was known as an Irelia one-trick pony when he joined the LEC, and S04 was prepared for it. S04 focused the top side early on, snowballing Odoamne’s Jax and allowing him to exert a lot of pressure during his split pushes.

S04 have been looking better in the past few weeks and now have a score of six wins and six losses after replacing their previous ADC with their academy ADC. Even though they failed to qualify for playoffs, they have a solid base to build upon for the Summer Split and come back stronger than they were this season.

This loss puts Rogue in a dire situation since the playoff rules have changed this season. Top four start in the upper bracket and their first loss demotes them to the loser’s bracket, while the bottom two start in the loser’s bracket and a single loss kicks them out of Championship Title contention.

It’s currently unclear what went wrong with Rogue, but they’ve managed to lose four games in the past two weeks, all in the online format. The players most likely didn’t adapt to the situation created due to the COVID-19.

With playoff being held in an online format, Rogue should try to focus on their issues as fast as possible if they want a chance to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs, which will begin on April 3.