Rogue continue win streak in LEC Summer Split by taking down Vitality

Rogue makes a good case for a top 4 team.

Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Rogue picked up their fourth win in a row today with a decisive victory against Vitality. Support Vander also maintained his deathless start to the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

While all of Rogue’s players played immaculately, the player of the game award went to mid laner Larssen for his outstanding and deathless Corki performance.

The game began with both teams on even footing and no clear winner in the early-game skirmishes. While Vitality’s early-game aggression allowed them to secure the first Cloud Drake, it didn’t help them later on since Rogue acquired bigger gold leads.

The game was a stalemate for a large part of the match, though. Rogue sneakily took drake after drake until they reached the Dragon Soul point. While the fight around the pit was even at first, Rogue quickly wiped Vitality off the Rift within a matter of seconds to secure the Mountain Dragon Soul.

With the Mountain Dragon Soul under their belt, Rogue became unstoppable and hard to deal with for Vitality. Even though Vitality had Kassadin, who’s known to become nearly unstoppable at level 16, they couldn’t do anything since Rogue were prepared to defend their carries in every fight. The Mountain Soul also made it even more difficult for Vitality to deal damage.

Once they got the Baron buff, Rogue started shoving every lane into Vitality’s base, securing a clear path to victory. Even though Vitality tried to stop them, they were unsuccessful, losing their inhibitors one by one and the Nexus in the end.

Vitality played well today, but Rogue just played better and read every single move they made. Vitality should be proud of themselves for improving drastically since the Spring Split, where they finished in 10th place. Their 2-2 record doesn’t show their clear improvement since they lost to higher-tier teams.

Rogue didn’t make any offseason roster changes, but their gameplay has drastically improved. They went from a middle-of-the-pack team to a contender for the LEC championship.

This win cements their first-place position after the first week of the LEC and makes a good case for Rogue as a playoff contender.

Rogue will face G2 tomorrow, who started the first week of LEC with a win and two losses. If Rogue can take them down, they could make a strong case for being a clear top-tier team in Europe.