Rogue become first LEC team to clinch 2021 Spring Split playoff spot

A perfect 2-0 week for Rogue propelled the squad into the LEC playoffs.

Photo via Riot Games

With today’s win over Astralis, Rogue became the first League of Legends team in the LEC to clinch a spot in this year’s Spring Split playoffs. 

Today’s contest against Astralis allowed Rogue to clinch their playoff spot in dominant fashion. A matchup against a dismal 3-9 Astralis squad saw Rogue rack up 24 kills in 28 minutes while winning by a total gold difference of nearly 18,000. 

Rogue’s AD Carry, Hans sama, posted an unbelievable line score of 12/1/6, dying only during the final 20 seconds of the game. 

This win improved Rogue’s record on the split to 11-2. Through the team’s first 13 games during the 2020 Summer Split, Rogue posted a record of 10-3. Rogue finished atop the LEC in first place last summer and is already on pace to post a better record this spring. 

Later today, G2 Esports, who came into week six of the 2021 LEC Spring Split tied for first place alongside Rogue, will look to clinch their spot in the playoffs. But a matchup against a stalwart Fnatic team might prove to be a tougher roadblock than Rogue’s opponent of Astralis. 

G2 and Rogue have been keeping pace with each other throughout the course of the Spring Split and are both very much in the discussion for the top seed in the LEC playoffs. The two titans of the LEC will meet again on March 5.

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