Rogue ADC Hans Sama explains how his tennis background helped him prepare for the pressures of competitive League

The trials of tennis have prepared him for the stress of pro League play.

Photo via Riot Games

Playing competitive League of Legends at the highest level can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences in a pro’s life since they’ll be under the spotlight of thousands of viewers while also facing off against the best players in the world.

This is especially true in Europe due to the vast amount of talent that’s looking to make their name in the scene. But for Rogue’s star AD carry Hans Sama, he’s been prepared for these moments since he was a kid. The 21-year old talked with Dot Esports about his past experiences with competition through his time as a high-level tennis player.

Hans Sama started playing tennis at six years old and many people were already calling him a future champion due to his proficiency at the sport. “It helped me in some aspects with how you deal with pressure, because in tennis, I’ve had a lot of pressure on my shoulders,” Hans Sama told Dot Esports. The young prodigy always wanted to make it far in tournaments. He was able to make it to the finals but never got to win the trophy.

He also explained that this pressure to perform helped him when he finally decided to go pro in League. Many aspiring pro players have trouble dealing with the expectations that come with playing at a high level since they’ve never experienced the bright lights of the stage, the volume of the crowds, and the increased stress that comes with trying to win a major tournament.

Rogue fans should consider themselves lucky, too, since Hans Sama was originally a fan of MMORPGs like Warcraft 3. His switch stemmed from when he and his family moved houses and his brother met new friends who also played League. Because there was only one PC in the house, his brother practically forced him to play League since MMORPGs usually take a lot more time than MOBAs do.

Eventually, Hans Sama started to become better and better at League until season four hit, which is when he started to change his mindset to possibly going pro. He attended some LAN events with his friends and joined a couple of different teams before eventually getting his first LEC start with Misfits in 2016. Since then, he’s become one of the best ADCs in the region and is now looking to win his first championship.

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