Roccat and Misfits break out bizarre champion picks in the EU LCS

Who says the EU LCS is boring?

Photo via Riot Games

Roccat and Misfits played one of the most entertaining series of the EU LCS Summer Split today by choosing to have some fun on Summoner’s Rift.

Both teams had nothing left to play for at the end of the season—they had already locked in third and fourth place in Group A. This translated to probably the best match in the EU LCS, with both teams choosing to play a random assortment of off-meta champions and changing their respective lanes.

A support was playing in the jungle, an ADC was a mid laner, and champions like Heimerdinger, Kayle, and Master Yi fought valiantly on the battlefield. It was chaos—but enjoyable all the same.

Kills, ganks, and weird fights littered Summoner’s Rift in the first game. It wasn’t your typical game of League of Legends, but Roccat clearly outdrafted their opponents to win game one.

Viewers hoping to see a repeat of Heimerdinger, Draven, and other off-meta champions were disappointed—but only for a few seconds. This time around, Nasus, Karthus, Malphite, and Lux were locked in, among several other crazy picks.

Anyone hoping to see Misfits tie the series and take us to a third game was disappointed, however, as Roccat’s Nasus carried his team well into the late game, becoming unstoppable and unkillable as the game progressed.

This was Roccat’s last series of the EU LCS season, and the team went out in style with a 2-0 chaotic victory.