RNG win first match of 2021 LPL Spring Split with Xiaohu making top lane debut

Xiaohu popped off during his first series as a top laner.

Photo via Riot Games

Royal Never Give Up took down Thunder Talk Gaming 2-0 in a one-sided series today during the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

The League of Legends match featured RNG Xiaohu’s debut in the top lane after his offseason role swap from the mid lane. While the odds were against TT, they put up a decent fight against the LPL veterans.

In the first game, RNG gave Xiaohu the last pick Camille, one of the most powerful top laners in the current meta, against TT’s Aatrox. After an early focus in the top lane from RNG’s jungler, Xiaohu took over the game by splitpushing, which TT couldn’t answer.

The second game was the RNG Cryin show after he was given Lucian in the mid lane. His early dominance against TT’s mid laner gave him a huge lead, which he used to snowball RNG’s other lanes. After securing all the neutral objectives, RNG closed out the series in 29 minutes.

RNG parted ways with its previous top laner and ADC in the offseason after a lackluster 2020 competitive split. But today, Xiaohu proved he can still be the carry his team needs following his role swap.

While TT weren’t the toughest opponent, Xiaohu will have to prove himself again in RNG’s next match when he faces off against Bin from Suning. Tune in on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 5am CT to see if Xiaohu has what it takes to beat a Worlds finalist.

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