RNG return to LPL with win over Top Esports

RNG come back with a bang.

Photo via Riot Games

Royal Never Give Up picked up where they left off after the 14-day break in the LPL by defeating Top Esports today. Though outside of the undefeated club after losing to FunPlus Phoenix, RNG still hovered around the top of the standings alongside EDward Gaming and LNG Esports. RNG’s win over TES only further cements the team’s march toward playoffs, while TES continues to struggle.

In game one, the early game focused around the side lanes as TES paid particular attention to RNG’s newest member, Bin. Regularly returning to the top and bottom lanes for ganks, Bin held his own despite the game’s losing state for RNG. The world finalist’s solo kill onto TES substitute Wayward displayed not only his mechanical ability but also RNG’s resilience in this poor start.

RNG trailed in most metrics throughout game one. Nearly all of RNG’s laners trailed in gold differentials by the 15-minute mark. With only an objective lead over the map’s drakes, the former LPL champions’ plan seemed to include waiting out until the late game. After a disastrous loss at the baron pit, however, TES seemed destined to take the first game.

One single river fight spearheaded by engages from Xiaohu and Ming turned game one, allowing the carries of Bin and GALA to clean up. Miraculously, RNG found themselves knocking down TES’ Nexus only a minute later, claiming the advantage in the series.

Game two was far more skirmish-heavy from the onset, though this time slightly more in favor of RNG. Veteran mid laner Xiaohu accumulated a substantial lead on his Ryze pick early on after an impressive triple kill at the drake pit. RNG rolled with their lead, choking out TES with 100 percent neutral objective control and winning jungle fights. In a decisive game two, RNG ended the series at 32 minutes.

RNG’s duo of Xiaohu and Ming proved to be the top players of the day. Xiaohu ended the series with an impressive 31.0 KDA, only dropping one death in an incredibly high-kill series, a testament to the mid laner’s prowess. Still atop the LPL’s standings, RNG’s next test will come against Victory Five on Feb. 16, while TES hope to rebound against ThunderTalk the same day.

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