Riot’s Client Cleanup Campaign sets its sights on League’s champion select and end game screen

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

After surveying League of Legends players, Riot plans on tackling some of the client’s most frustrating problems—and we can’t wait.

Riot discussed the progress of the Client Cleanup Campaign in today’s dev blog post, explaining what the next steps are. And player feedback showed the most common problems are with champ select and the transition to the end game screen.

Image via Riot Games

“Players have long been asking for a snappier, more responsive champ select,” Riot said. “We would like to refactor existing components to improve responsiveness, reduce memory consumption, simplify architecture, and cut down on unintentional dodges.”

Over 75 percent of players surveyed deemed the inability to pick or ban during champ select “extremely frustrating.” So Riot will make it more streamlined and reliable, potentially limiting the number of players who receive a dodge penalty because they can’t select a champion.

Devs will also try to “remove or streamline” low-value animations and components that require a lot of resources. This should help eliminate laggy and underwhelming UX and UI features.

And since many players report lag in the transition from the end of a match to the honor or post-game lobby screen, Riot will tackle that as well. The devs are “pursuing an engineering plan to address” that issue.

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