The best plays from day 2 at Worlds

It was another exciting day in the biggest League of Legends tournament ever

It was another exciting day in the biggest League of Legends tournament ever.

The second day of the Riot World Championships saw the tournament’s first pentakill, as well as a number of other ridiculous plays and team fights.

The day also saw the standings in groups A and B coalesce. Every team in each group has now played every other one time, so we’ve get to seen all styles clash. We also saw surprise champion picks like Rumble and Talon.

In Group A, Edward Gaming and Samsung Galaxy White cleaned house against Dark Passage and ahq e-Sports in relatively uneventful matches—save the pentakill.  Group B, though, was a bloodbath.

Missed the action? Check out the highlights. 

SK Gaming vs. Taipei Assassins: Massive battles over objectives

SK Gaming nearly recovered from a disastrous first day of the tournament against Taipei Assassins. The team took control of the match after a back-and-forth early game with a team fight in the dragon pit.

They gained map control and used their knack for rotations to take over the game. At the 31-minute mark, SK bullied their foes back into the base, allowing them to run for another Baron. But apparently, that’s right where Taipei Assassins wanted them.

Christopher “nRated” Seitz’s ill-timed Sona ultimate, designed to slow down the advancing Taiwanese team, was dodged by Cheng “bebe” Bo-Wei, who proceeded to wreck SK Gaming as they lay trapped in Baron’s home. Only Simon “Fredy122” Payne’s flash to kill Cheng saved their inhibitor.

Taipei Assasins closed out the game thanks to a surprise Baron take and this subsequent top lane push.

SK Gaming vs. Royal Club: Uzi and InSec doing what they do best

The Star Horn Royal Club picked up where they left off against Team SoloMid yesterday: with their bottom lane dominating. Temperantal ace Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao nabbed an early double kill and eventually ran to a 6/0/0 score with Tristana in the early mid game.

While SK Gaming managed to fight back, Royal Club’s aggression and unpredictability pulled the game into their pace. Eventually Choi “inSec” In-seok showed off his signature move on his pocket champion.

Royal Club wiped SK with only one loss. The Chinese team kept up the pressure and eventually closed the game.

Samsung Galaxy White vs Dark Passage: the Pentakill

A match between the absolute favorite at the tournament and international wild card Dark Passage, a team not near the world class level of the others at the event, usually isn’t notworthy. But Gu “Imp” Seung-bin managed to score the first Pentakill of Worlds, even if he had a little help—Dark Passage top laner Asım “fabulous” Cihat Karakaya took his hands off his keyboard and let Gu nab the final kill just before his team surrendered.

It may not be the most thrilling Vayne Penta you’ll ever see, but seeing one on the world stage is rare.

Team SoloMid vs. Taipei Assassins: The ridiculous map-wide ace

This was the biggest match of the day. The victor would move to 2-1 in the group, owning second place and in the drivers seat on the way to a berth in the knockout round.

Team SoloMid took the win by doing what they do best: outplaying their opponents.

Just before the 13 minute mark, the words “ACE” flashed across the SoloMid players’ screens. All three lanes managed to secure kills as the team stole dragon and wiped out Taipei Assassins. The haul for the 20 seconds sequence? Five kills, dragon, and two towers. It handed SoloMid a 5,000 gold lead.

Here’s the breakdown of all three lanes, happening simultaneously with the fight at dragon: 

From that point on, SoloMid was squarely in control. They used a dazzling array of pink wards to prevent the enemy Rengar from finding an opening and simply sieged the Taiwanese team until they broke.

After two days of play, the groups stand where many expected. Samsung Galaxy White and Edward Gaming sit atop Group A, while Star Horn Royal Club and Team SoloMid control Group B. But two more days remain to decide just who will advance in these groups in the biggest League of Legends tournament ever. Don’t miss them.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube