Riot will be upgrading League’s in-game shop interface for 2021 preseason

New season, new shop.

Image via Riot Games

We haven’t even gotten through the 2020 Summer Split yet, but Riot Games is already announcing some big changes for the 2021 League of Legends preseason. The developers revealed that they’ll be revamping the in-game shop for next year.

“There’s a ton of room for improvement here,” Riot said. “Broadly, there are two main types of users for the shop, so we want to create versions of the interface that serve each player in the ways they want.”

Image via Riot Games

The first type of player that Riot has identified is the newer user looking for a more guided experience. For these players, the recommended items tab will be changed to provide more accurate item choices for certain situations, while also staying up to date with what top-level players are buying in specific metas.

Less-experienced players usually frequent the recommended items list to learn which items are best for each champion. But by adjusting the store in these ways, it’ll also help them learn how to adapt their builds based on each unique situation.

Image via Riot Games

Meanwhile, the all-items tab will be available for players who know the ins and outs of the shop. Riot plans to change the store so that the most-experienced players can buy items with the fewest amount of clicks possible.

“With the invested player in mind, we wanted to make this a place where items are placed in logical layouts on the screen and we move them rarely if at all,” Riot said. “This can allow you to develop muscle memory over time and learn where each item lives in the shop.”

Riot has plenty of plans for the 2021 preseason, including a huge rework of League‘s item system. There are already several reasons to look forward to the future of the game.