Riot to release hotfix for League’s Elder Dragon buff executing players above the intended threshold

The hotfix should launch later today.

Image via Riot Games

The latest League of Legends patch introduced a major overhaul to Riot’s MOBA, with a new landscape and extensive changes to dragons. And while the community’s response to the update has been a mixed bag, most players can agree that the Elder Dragon buff hits too darn hard.

But Riot lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter shared some good news today. The Elder Dragon buff, which is executing players over the intended 20-percent threshold, will be hotfixed later today.

“Elder Dragon buff is executing somewhat above the threshold (it’s using pre mitigation instead of post),” Scruffy said. “Hotfix coming later today for this.”

A game error seems to be causing Elder Dragon to ignore mitigations and resistances, executing players who have over 20-percent life left. For some players, it was quite excessive.

One player posted a video on Reddit today of their champion being taken out by the enemy Garen with well over 50 percent of their health remaining.

An “Elder Dragon” search on the League subreddit will yield other examples of the buff’s overpowered destruction.

And for some players, the hotfix isn’t enough to balance the current meta. One fan tweeted back at Scruffy, suggesting the concept be “scrapped” because it’s “discouraging to play against.”

But nabbing the Elder Dragon buff isn’t as easy as it seems. For a team to earn the execute, they need to claim four dragons, get a Dragon Soul, and then slay the Elder Dragon. If a team is able to manage that, the match will likely be one-sided anyway.

An exact time for today’s Elder Dragon hotfix hasn’t been revealed.