Riot to publish first novel set in world of Runeterra, titled Ruination

The story of the Ruined King continues in Riot's first full-length novel.

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Riot Games has revealed a new novel set in the world of Runeterra, titled Ruination. In the upcoming novel, League of Legends fans will be able to experience the story of the Ruined King and the Shadow Isles through another medium of storytelling. 

The novel is expected to be released later this year and will be authored by Anthony Reynolds. Reynolds previously worked with Riot on the novella, Garen: First Shield, which was released in 2020. He has also written books set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000

The story of the Ruination novel will follow Kalista as she searches for an antidote to cure the poisoned Queen Isolde. “Ruination is the never-before-told story of King Viego and his general Kalista,” according to the book’s publisher, Orbit Books. “It’s an epic tale of magic, war, revenge, and the lengths we’ll go to for those we love.”

From in-game stories such as last year’s Sentinels of Light event to third-party media pieces such as the Ruined King game published by Riot Forge, League’s Ruination storyline has been a central part of the game’s lore since early 2021. The additions of characters such as Viego, Gwen, Akshan, and others only helped to bolster the foundations of other characters in the League universe who had been associated with the Shadow Isles, such as Kalista. 

Ruination is set to be published in the U.S. and U.K. in September 2022. An audiobook and ebook version of the novel are also going to be published. 

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