Riot to donate all proceeds from Star Guardian Taliyah to Social Impact Fund

Buy Star Guardian Taliyah from July 28 to Aug. 29 to help out.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will be donating the proceeds from the Star Guardian Taliyah skin to its Social Impact Fund from July 28 to Aug. 29, the company announced.

Riot created the Social Impact Fund in 2019, and since then, it has been using revenue generated from its various game titles to help others in need around the world. In 2020, Riot raised over $14 million dollars for COVID-19 relief through various skins and bundles in League of Legends that were used as fundraisers. This time around, Riot will be using League of Legends, its most popular title, yet again to add to the millions of dollars already raised for the fund. 

Star Guardian Taliyah will hit League servers likely during the second phase of the Star Guardian event. The first phase of skins and the event is set to release on July 14 alongside Patch 12.13. It is suspected that Taliyah’s skin will likely release during the second phase, which aligns with when the skin will be used for the fundraiser, during Patch 12.14. When Taliyah is released, players will then be able to purchase the skin and have their contribution added to the Social Impact Fund.

Riot doesn’t just donate to help crisis situations like COVID-19, either. The team at Riot is committed to helping out in all avenues, including expanding access to STEM education, building and protecting communities online and in-person, and supporting people from all backgrounds. 

“As a player-focused company, we hope to create game experiences that are meaningful to players, and also hope to help improve the world they live in by serving and investing in the communities we’re a part of,” Riot says on the front page of the Social Impact Fund.