Riot to crack down on League users in need of a sign-in change next week

Players will be required to update their usernames if they want to continue playing the MOBA beginning next week.

Image via Riot Games

After announcing new games in development during League‘s 10th anniversary, Riot Games entered a state of metamorphosis. The company has since rolled out new looks and operations for its website, branding, and account system that have spilled over into the player base, requiring users to change their sign-in to fit with Riot’s new systems.

Within the past month, Riot has prompted users to change their usernames if they shared one with others from different regions. In a recent Dev Corner, the League developer said these update requests will no longer be dismissible for players who want to continue playing the MOBA.

“Last month we turned on an optional Riot Account update prompt in the client,” the post reads. “Now that it’s been on for a few weeks and all players who need to make a change should have an email listing the accounts they need to change, we’re going to be making the pop-up mandatory starting next week. This change means players that need to update to globally unique usernames will not be able to play until they update their account.”

Under Riot’s old account system, players signed up with usernames unique to their region. This means that multiple people could have had the same sign-in as others in different regions across the world. Now, however, Riot is shifting to a global system, which requires players to have globally unique usernames. Those with a shared sign-in will need to change their username before the Jan. 22 deadline if they haven’t done so already or they won’t be able to queue up for League matches.

Users in need of a sign-in change or those who are unsure about the status of their username can check online from Riot’s website. Those who accidentally changed their usernames to the wrong sign-in or who just want to see other available options can visit the same page and log in to do so.