Riot to buff Akali, Yasuo, Hecarim, Tristana, Jax, and Fiora in League Patch 10.16

Fourteen champions are getting buffed before playoffs begin for pro play.

Image via Riot Games

In an attempt to “diversify the playoffs meta,” Riot Games’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter released a preview earlier today of the champions being buffed in League of Legends Patch 10.16.

Multiple champions are getting buffed and nerfed in the upcoming patch before the developers can fine-tune the meta for Worlds this year. Although the specific changes haven’t been shown just yet, the champions getting buffed might have a big impact on the team compositions we see when the postseason arrives.

Some of the biggest names on the list have also been some of the most controversial champions in both solo queue and competitive play. Akali, for example, used to terrorize both ranked ladders and on-stage players alike, but recent nerfs destroyed her win rate and play rate. She has the second-lowest win rate right now among all mid laners, according to

Jax and Fiora are also big champions that once populated the solo queue ladder and pro play with their great dueling potential and splitpushing power. They both sit below a 50 percent win rate since Patch 10.15.

Meanwhile, many other champions will be getting some love in 10.16, like Neeko, Ziggs, Veigar, Hecarim, Tristana, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Morgana, and Rakan. Evelynn will also be getting a buff that allows her to flex as a laning champion rather than just a jungler.

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It seems like this forced meta shift could have come a bit earlier in the year. But with playoffs and Worlds on the way, teams will need a lot more time to create new drafts and strategies based on which champions have become stronger in Patch 10.16 and beyond.

Patch 10.16 will go live on Wednesday, Aug. 5.

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