Riot set to abandon unique Xayah and Rakan feature in new updates, leaving players devastated

Sad news for Xayah and Rakan fans.

Eternal Dancer Xayah and Rakan
Image via Riot Games

Xayah and Rakan are one of the most beloved duos in League of Legends, but Riot Games has now decided to stop updating one of their main features.

The champions were added to the game in 2017, and since the start of their journey on Summoner’s Rift, they’ve had one unique feature—a joint recall animation. Unfortunately for players, the developers won’t be giving future skins a shared, distinctive recall animation.

Riot developer, DW Platypus, revealed the dev team’s plans to abandon joint recall animations on the Rakan Mains subreddit yesterday.

The dev explained that Riot made this decision after analyzing game data. Following their analysis, the team came to the conclusion that players rarely pick Xayah and Rakan in the same game, and even more rarely with the same skin line.

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As a result, Broken Covenant skins—the next skin line for Xayah and Rakan—won’t feature a shared recall.

Unsurprisingly, Rakan and Xayah players aren’t pleased with this outcome. “It doesn’t make any sense. This is a joint skin release, so why not give them a joint recall? Seems like it’s just laziness,” one wrote. “This is sad. The end of an era. Vote with your wallets,” another added.

The Broken Covenant skin line, which features skins for Riven, Nocturne, Vladimir, Miss Fortune, Xayah, Rakan, and Cho’Gath, is expected to hit the live servers with Patch 13.5 next month.


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