Riot teases League’s 2021 Victorious skin

"You wanna play too? It'll be fun!"

Image via Riot Games

Another League of Legends champion is joining the annual Victorious skin line for the most competitive players—and it seems like they brought a little, cuddly friend.

Riot posted a teaser image for this year’s Victorious skin today, depicting a stuffed bear that greatly resembles Tibbers—indicating that Annie seems to be the next recipient of the skin. While this has yet to be confirmed, no other champion in League has as close of a connection with stuffed bears as Annie, who’s been a part of the roster for over 10 years.

The teaser showcases what appears to be Tibbers in a new pink color scheme, dirty and worn out from overuse. Tibbers is one of Annie’s main methods of attack, though this image interestingly doesn’t follow the gold-centric color scheme that other Victorious skins have. Annie’s appearance has yet to be revealed, though it’s likely that she’ll be fully costumed in gold and shiny to resemble previous Victorious skins.

Victorious skins are awarded to players who grind League’s ranked mode and advance to Gold tier and above, marking their success during the season. Players also receive chromas for the skin if they rank Platinum or higher, with each chroma resembling the highest tier that the player advanced to. 

Previous recipients of the skin include Aatrox, Orianna, and Lucian, with Annie now appearing to join this lineup of diverse champions. These skins are exclusive to their specific seasons and are unobtainable otherwise, including through direct purchases and Hextech crafting.

The 2021 season of League is set to end on Nov. 10, with the ranked rewards—including this new Victorious skin—being distributed soon after. This Victorious skin has yet to be officially revealed as Annie, though with the Tibbers-like bear in this teaser, it’s likely that the Dark Child will act as 2021’s ranked reward.

Update Oct. 5 10:40am CT: Riot has officially confirmed that Blitzcrank will receive the 2021 Victorious skin. Blitzcrank is holding the pink teddy bear seen in the first teaser image in the Victorious skin’s splash art.

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