Riot shows off Seraphine’s Eternals debuting in League Patch 10.23

The new patch should be deployed on Nov. 11.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends‘ newest pop star is about to get her Eternals.

Eternals allow players to flex on their opponents with in-game achievements, serving as a purchasable stat tracker for your favorite champ. Lead designer Justin “Xenogenic” Hanson unveiled Seraphine’s Eternals today, which will be activated in Patch 10.23.

Seraphine’s Eternals unsurprisingly reference her music and pop star background. “Star Power” will record the total damage players deal with the champ’s Stage Presence passive.

“Fans to Stans” correlates with Seraphine’s ultimate, Encore. Players will need to land multi-hit ultimates to fulfill it, similar to Sona’s “Dance Parties” Eternal. And “ASDR” will track the crowd control from Beat Drop (E), requiring players to upgrade the slow to a stun or root.

Riot typically activates a new champ’s Eternal in the patch after their release. Since Seraphine is nearing her two-week debut on League‘s live server, fans will be able to keep track of their stats with her soon.

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