Riot set to nerf Gwen’s E attack speed, Viego’s Q damage, and more in detailed Patch 11.15 preview

Some big changes are headed to some of the most important names in the meta.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends‘ meta has seen the rise of a handful of champions, including some of the game’s newest faces like Gwen and Viego. In this coming Patch 11.15, however, they’ll be getting some big nerfs alongside a plethora of other champs in the game.

For example, the Hallowed Seamstress has been a menace in the top lane over the past patch, both in solo queue and in the pro scene—she currently has a 48.4 percent win rate in ranks Platinum and above, but also has one of the highest ban rates in the game at 27.8 percent, according to Champion.GG. She has the highest pick-ban presence in all of pro play at 83 percent, with 957 bans across competitive regions, according to

Because of this, Gwen’s Skip n’ Slash ability is getting its bonus attack speed reduced early, going from 40 percent extra to 20 percent extra. This should affect her early trading abilities, but she should remain stronger as the game heads into the mid-to-late stages of a match.

Viego, on the other hand, is getting some big nerfs to his laning phase via reductions to his Q’s base damage, and a huge reduction to his passive healing from minions. Now, he’ll only be able to heal 10 percent from minions, rather than the previous 50 percent. This should continue shifting his play from the lane back into the jungle, since he’s also getting a small buff to his bonus damage to monsters.

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In pro play, the Ruined King has become one of the stronger picks in the game. He currently has 68 percent pick-ban presence, but he also has the fourth-most wins of any champion in competitive play with 303 victories across the world, according to

Sylas has also been a prime pick for some teams around the world, but he’ll also be getting some big healing nerfs to his kit. Although his Q is getting some nice buffs to its damage, his Kingslayer ability is getting its heal reduced by five at every level, and its AP scaling is getting lowered from 45 percent to 40.

Check out all the other nerfs and buffs in the post made by Riot Games’ lead game designer, Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu. Patch 11.15 is set to release on Wednesday, July 21.


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