Riot says that the theme song for Worlds 2019 is “not quite ready yet”

People have been eagerly awaiting this year's theme.

Image via Riot Games

Sorry, League of Legends fans. If you’re waiting for the highly-anticipated release of this year’s theme song for Worlds 2019, you’re out of luck. Riot Games has revealed that the song is “not quite ready yet,” but it’ll be posted soon.

Many people have been talking about how late the theme song for the World Championship is this year since the tournament starts in two days on Wednesday, Oct. 2. It doesn’t make sense to some fans because the theme song is supposed to be used to build hype for Worlds. But nothing has happened yet.

Riot released a new orchestral version of the general Worlds theme song that’s played every year, but that isn’t what people are looking forward to. Last year, the company collaborated alongside three musical groups—The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive—to create “RISE,” the theme song for Worlds 2018. That song released on Wednesday, Sept. 26 last year, and no other Worlds song has ever been dropped later than that date.

Many notable teams and esports personalities have been clamoring for the Worlds theme, including ESPN reporter Tyler “FionnOnFire” Erzberger and even the FC Schalke 04 LEC team.

This year’s theme song should drop very soon with the Worlds play-in stage right around the corner. There hasn’t been any indication on whether there was a problem with the creation of the song, but all fans of the game can do at this point is be patient and wait.