Riot releases the orchestral theme song for the 2019 World Championship

Riot's music team has created another masterpiece.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games has finally posted the orchestral version of League of Legends‘ World Championship theme song to bring some hype to the tournament before its start. Worlds will begin in less than two weeks, when the play-in stage of the event kicks off on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

The song, which is another variant of the Worlds theme, is as intense as you’d expect it to be. Booming drums and exciting crescendos lead the listener to the song’s beautiful chorus, punctuated by poignant trumpets that tell you Worlds has arrived once again.

Even the accompanying visuals are impressive. The marble and gold color scheme really helps drive home the fact that this is the grandest stage in League. Throughout the beginning of the video, Riot also commemorates some of the greatest moments in Worlds history.

From Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok’s four-man Aatrox Q against G2 Esports to Kim “PraY” Jong-in’s legendary Ashe arrow against SK Telecom T1, these moments are all captured and cleverly celebrated in this Worlds 2019 video. Another great detail is that each champion is in the actual skin that the player used in that specific match.

Get ready for the Worlds 2019 festivities when the tournament begins next month.