Riot says Qiyana Prestige skin coming, addresses intended Worlds meta

The devs spoke about the lack of experience in TFT as well.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends developer answered a few questions in the latest edition of Ask Riot, addressing 2019 Worlds tokens, the lack of experience in Teamfight Tactics, and the team’s goal for Worlds metas.

In the blog post, which will be taking a one-edition break, Riot said there will be a Prestige skin for Qiyana, something on which players can spend their Worlds tokens. The tokens will be able to spent in other ways during the event, Riot confirmed.

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Riot, when asked if the team has a Worlds meta in mind when making pre-event adjustments, also said the developers don’t try to forge a specific meta. Instead, the team is trying to make sure certain metas are avoided. For example, the development team noticed Tahm Kench was a potentially common pick at Worlds. To avoid this, Riot nerfed him.

Additionally, the lack of experience in TFT was addressed. Riot said it made the leveling system with “Summoner’s Rift and SR-like game modes in mind.” The team is exploring ways for TFT to “interact with leveling systems,” but it seems like it’s going to take a little bit of time with that one.

The next Ask Riot will arrive on Oct. 31.