Riot says 2021 LEC Summer Split will begin on June 11

The summer can't come soon enough.

Photo via Riot Games

We might be preparing for the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, but Riot Games has finally revealed that the 2021 LEC Summer Split will be starting back up on Friday, June 11.

That means that European League of Legends teams have about a month left before the next season starts. This start time also means that the current LEC champions, MAD Lions, will have at least two weeks of rest after attending MSI if they’re able to make it far into the tournament—the grand finals take place on Sunday, May 23.

It’s unknown what patch the new season will be starting with, but by looking at the League of Legends patch schedule, there’s a good chance that the 2021 Summer Split will kick off on Patch 11.11, which releases on Wednesday, May 26. All eyes will be on how the top LEC squads adapt and prepare for the rest of the year, especially with how things ended up in the spring.

There are plenty of great storylines to follow next season. Fnatic fans are hoping for the team to have a bounce-back split after their recent disappointing performance. And in a similar vein, G2 Esports fans are hoping for a resurgence from the former kings of Europe. Rogue fans are also hopeful for their first LEC championship and a spot at Worlds after losing to MAD Lions in the Spring Split finals.

With a month before the start of the Summer Split, there could be a plethora of free agency moves to shake up the league. Ultimately, the only thing that many people want from this coming split is another highly competitive regular season that rolls into a summer postseason to remember.

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