Riot reveals planned changes to weaken Lillia’s early game, buff durability and scaling

She'll still be a scary threat when the mid-to-late game rolls around.

Image via Riot Games

Many people know Lillia as League of Legends‘ resident Bashful Bloom in the jungle, where she has made a name for herself among pro play and solo queue play alike. However, Riot Games has detailed some changes for the champion that will pull back some power from her early game to make room for more durability and late game power.

Game designer Daniel “Maxw3ll” Emmons gave the players a general overview of some of the planned adjustments, which consisted of giving her passive ability a regeneration effect while dealing damage-over-time, while also getting more base damage, and an AP scaler.

On the other hand, the developers are looking to nerf how much movement speed Lillia gains from her Blooming Blows ability in the early portions of the game, while also increasing the cooldown on her Swirlseed. Her ability to whack people with her Q, then dance around them with her increased speed made her so annoying to deal with pre-level six. She will also be getting a nerf to her ultimate, Lilting Lullaby, but that change hasn’t been detailed just yet.

The goal for these changes is to make her more widespread towards solo queue, instead of just being a pro play focused champion. Currently, Lillia has a 42.7 percent win rate in ranks Platinum and above, according to Champion.GG, but she was one of the most played junglers in the LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK during the 2021 Spring Split. By making her more durable, the early game clears will be a lot more forgiving for players who are as efficient with her movement speed and damage.

Lillia hasn’t seen much play during the start of the 2021 Summer Split across major regions, with junglers like Rumble, Xin Zhao, and Udyr rising up in priority again. It’ll be interesting to see if these adjustments will help her in terms of her success in solo queue as the changes settle in.