Riot reveals new Anima Squad skins for Vayne, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Sylas, and Riven in League

We've got cats, bats, and rabbits hopping onto Summoner's Rift.

Image via Riot Games

One of the most anticipated League of Legends skin releases has finally been revealed by Riot Games today in the new Anima Squad cosmetic line featuring Vayne, Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Sylas. Riven’s original Battle Bunny skin, on the other hand, has been revamped and redesigned into Battle Bunny Prime.

During the first developer’s update of 2022, Riot showed off some concept art for the upcoming Anima Squad skins. Riot game director Jonathan Belliss said the alternate universe will have “sleek, high-tech armor, powerful warriors, and cute animals.”

From Vayne’s bright fuchsia colors and sharp details and Sylas’ wolf-inspired arm bracers and shaggy hairstyle to Jinx’s paw-boots and cat-like rocket launcher and Riven’s updated suit-and-tie visuals, this skin line has everything that a fan would want and more from a futuristic thematic.

Jinx’s Flame Chompers are little paws that chatter on the floor while waiting to snap on a target, and the explosion residue from her ultimate ability even forms into a mischievous cat smile. Riot is heavily leaning into the robotic feline aesthetic since every explosion from her rocket launcher auto attack leaves a brief cat logo behind as well.

Miss Fortune and Riven are getting a ton of bunny-inspired visuals added to their kits. Every bullet MF fires is in the shape of the Anima Squad bunny logo, from her auto attacks to her Make It Rain ability and her ultimate. Riven still has the skin’s iconic orange sword, but her stun, shield, and ultimate particles all feature an angry-looking bunny logo.

Some people might be wondering why Riot is releasing another futuristic, mech-based skin line, especially with so many others before it, like Pulsefire, Hextech, PROJECT, Super Galaxy, Mecha, and Odyssey. But the consistent support for these types of skins—combined with the cutesy factor with cats, bats, and bunnies being featured—should ensure that this line will be a hit with League fans for a long while.

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