Riot reportedly failed to pay LPL English social media worker for almost 9 months

Many people in the esports industry should listen to her situation.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games has placed plenty of importance on its ability to connect with fans on social media. But one of its regional offices allegedly failed to treat one of those key social media employees honestly. The person formerly in charge of the LPL’s English Twitter account has alleged it took her over nine months of work before she was paid.

The former employee, who goes by Linda, said that she was hired by Riot and LPL English on Jan. 3, 2019. As a part-time position, the job seemed “very open and full of potential.” Besides announcements and schedules, her main focus would be giving live updates on the games.

Linda soon realized that the time zone difference, the lack of management, and the structure of LPL English had her constantly working as if she was on-call all day. Additionally, Linda said that she was given multiple tasks that she wasn’t even told about, including assistance with translations, making her own content without any direction, creating graphics, and downloading videos through a software that wasn’t well supported in her country.

“I was asked to do an overwhelming range of things off the bat, with unreasonable hours where vacation and personal time apparently didn’t exist, all while I was not being paid,” Linda said. “They basically saw this job as being ‘chronically online,’ no matter what, and expected me to abide by it.”

This was just the start, though. Linda said she didn’t receive a contract from LPL English for six months—during that time, she was allegedly working without pay. She finished her contract with Riot in September and still hadn’t received any money by that time. In fact, Riot reportedly told her that it’d take two to three months to pay her “due to certain laws.”

Linda said that she was eventually paid a day after reaching out to other Riot offices.

Dot Esports has reached out to Riot for comment on these allegations and and will update this story with any comment.